Backing up your data is one of the most important things you can do for your church. Like any database software, the Roll Call data file needs to be backed up periodically. How often you backup depends on how much data you are willing to lose.

To backup Roll Call on a single user version, do the following:

  1. Log into Roll Call with the Administrator or Director account
  2. Select File>Backup Configuration from the top menu
  3. In the Backup Destination field choose the location of your backup. This can be a folder on your hard drive that gets backed up offsite periodically or it could be an external drive. Remember a backup on your hard drive won't do you any good if the drive crashes
  4. If you leave Roll Call running you can use the Schedule tab to schedule backups every day, week or month at a certain time
  5. Click OK to save your configuration settings
  6. Select File>Backup to backup the database

To backup Roll Call on a network configuration, do the following from Roll Call Server

  1. From the Roll Call Server monitor select Maintenance from the top of the window
  2. Under the Backup options click on the Preferences tab
  3. From this window, click on the Scheduler tab to set your automatic backup schedule
  4. Click on the Configuration tab to define the backup destination location
  5. Click OK to save the schedule and destination configuration
  6. From the Roll Call Server monitor, select File>Backup to perform the backup

A couple notes on backups

  1. Make sure that backups are being either done to an external device or copied to an external device
  2. If you set your backups to run automatically and you are sending them to a mapped drive or external device, remember those mappings can change... so Roll Call won't find that drive if the mapping changes.
  3. If you run Roll Call Server as a service, you will not see any backup errors. Make sure to check periodically that the backups are being done!