If you have HTML email set up and working, you can enhance your emails with extra formatting and images.

To add an image to your email:

  1. Click Image manager (lower left of your email window).
  2. Drag your image to the Image Manager list.
  3. Once you see the thumbnail in the Image Manager, double-click the image inside the Image Manager
  4. Your image is now inserted into the body of your email.

To edit an image in your email:

To position your image inside the body of your email, you can cut and paste it anywhere from its original position.

To edit alignment and spacing, select the image and click the "Insert/Edit Image" icon from the WYSIWIG editor controls (Between the anchor and brush icons). This will open up a dialog box in which you can click "Appearance."

The parameters for appearance are as follows:

  1. Alignment: This sets whether the image is Left, Middle, or Right aligned (and more).
  2. Dimesions: You can resize your picture here. Note: you only need one value if you constrain proportions; either width or height to resize.
  3. Vertical and Horizontal space: This is the spacing between your image and text.
  4. Border: You can specify a thickness for a border (Zero or none will remove border)
  5. Style: If you know HTML CSS styling, you can apply some here. Otherwise feel free to ignore this.