You can send texts using Roll Call if you know the person's cell phone number and cell phone carrier (v11+). 

In version 13 and later you have the option of using Nexmo as a SMS sending option.

Email Method - Requires email sending to be setup (v11+) 

To enter the cell number information, pull up the person's record, click on the Phones tab and enter the appropriate information (cell + carrier).

To send a text:

  1. Expand the People menu on the left sidebar
  2. Click on Search Profiles
  3. Find the list of people you wish to send a text to
  4. Click the EMAIL icon at the top of the Navigator window, and select the option to send text
  5. Enter the text message
  6. Click SEND

SMS Method (v13+)

You will need to sign up with Nexmo for an account and get a number and an API Key/Secret.  Once signed up, visit your Roll Call application and configure these settings:

Detailed instructions...

1. You will want to go to the Products tab of your account. 

2. Then click Numbers. (See first Screenshot)

3. (See Screenshot below) Then you will want to choose a number below that section - select “Country", SMS, Mobile (see next screenshot)… Then you can click BUY on the desired number. It will show up in the main list under Your Numbers.  This will become your phone number that the messages get sent from within Roll Call and will be the number that you fill in the Roll Call Configuration screen in Preferences along with the API Key and Secret (Seen below).

Locating your API KEY & Secret and applying it to Roll Call.

1. Log into your Nexmo account and click API Settings. Your Key and Secret are located in the newly displayed panel.

2. Apply the Key and Secret to Roll Call > Preferences