To use Roll Call’s mobile check in system you must “sign into” the system as a mobile check in user. The type of user determines the screens you will see. So the first thing you will need to do to activate the security system and set up the “check in” type users.

Activate Roll Call Security

To activate the security system within Roll Call you must give the Director user a password.

To do this:

  1. Expand the Check In/Out menu.
  2. Click on the Setup menu item.
  3. Enter the password you’d like to give to Director. Then re-enter that password to confirm.
  4. Click SAVE. Make sure to save this password before you click NEXT to go to the next step in the process.

Create Check In users

After you’ve entered the Director password and clicked NEXT, you will be at the window to add check in users. To add a check in user, click on the plus sign in the lower left of the window. Enter the following information:

Username – enter the name for this specific check in user.

Password – enter a password for this specific user or leave it blank.

Confirm – re-enter the password if you entered one.

Check In User (Client) – choose this option for regular check in station users

Check In User (Mobile) - choose this option for users that will be using mobile devices.

Print Queue - choose this option for a user that will be your printing station.

Click OK to save this user.

You are now taken to the window to select the properties for this specific check in user.

Mobile CheckIn User

Make sure that you create a mobile check in user name for each person/mobile device. You cannot log onto multiple mobile devices with the same user name.

Once you’ve created your “mobile check in user’ There are several parameters that you must set for that user.

For each mobile check in user you can set the following defaults:

  1. Do you want to return families or individuals?
  2. Which campus groups should be considered for this check in?
  3. Do you wish to only return children in your results list?

If you want to print Name Tags and Parent Tags, please see the next FAQ Section or page 8 of the Mobile Quick Start guide.