It depends on your hardware and which printer(s) you have.

Scenario 1 : Dymo + Dedicated Print Queue Computer

If you have a Dymo printer(s) and desire to print labels from your Mobile CheckIn users, then you need to have a Print Queue User Logged in on a separate machine with a Dymo Labelwriter printer connected to it. This machine's sole purpose will be to grab all of the Mobile Print Jobs that are pointed to it from Mobile Users.

Scenario 2 : Brother QL-710w Wireless Label Printer

If you have purchased a Brother QL-710w wireless label printer, then you can run the print queue as a background task inside of Roll Call and are not required to tie up the entire computer with the Print Queue User logged in. For example, you can use the computer as a check-in station or back-end Roll Call access and still have the machine configured to process your Mobile CheckIn labels out to the Brother wireless label printer as long as it's on the same network and configured properly. So your iPad and Brother Label printer can sit near each other cozily, without the annoyingly obtrusive computer nearby (if that's how you feel).

To view instructions on how to configure this scenario in Roll Call,click here.