In order to print labels from Mobile CheckIn without the traditional method of using a dedicated computer logged in as a Print Queue user, you will need to have a Brother QL-710w installed and configured with Roll Call.

Important: This printer (Brother QL-710w) needs to be installed as an available printer on a computer with Roll Call Client or Standalone Running during your check-in process. It can still be positioned anywhere on your network.

1. Install your Brother QL-710w on your network (Windows and Mac)

The Brother label printer will need to be set up and installed on both your wireless network and the computer in which you will have running Roll Call at the time of check-in. This install process can be done differently depending on your router. Due to the different nature of each user's computer/network setup, we recommend that you simply follow the instructions available by Brother. Please visit : for more information on this. (Quick setup PDF from Brother) (Network setup PDF from Brother)

2. Install your Brother QL-710w on your computer's printer list (Win Only - Mac Users see below)

As stated previously, you need to have the Brother QL-710w added as a printer available on a computer running Roll Call during your check-in process. Please see the support link above or your documentation with your printer.

On a Windows PC make sure to set the Printer Preferences by right clicking on the QL-710w in your printer list and selecting "Printing Preferences." And modify the following:

1. Choose the "Other Tab" and set the radio button to metric (mm) to make lable paper size selection easier to find.

2. Now click the basic tab and choose the proper label paper size which is 62mm x 100mm.

3. And also optionally turn off the "Cut Every" option so that your label printer will only cut at the end of each print job instead of every label.

4. Click Apply, and OK.

2. Install your Brother QL-710w on your computer's printer list (Mac Only)

Once you get the printer installed on your network (as above, using the Wireless Device Setup Wizard). 

  1. Go to your System Preferences > Printers and Scanners. Make sure there are no current automatically generated instances of this printer in the list already. If there are, I would recommend you remove these as they are probably installed via usb and/or with the AIRPRINT driver.
  2. Click Add (plus button) (Note: Do not merely select the brother from the little popup list as it can automatically default to AIRPRINT driver as well)
  3. Choose Add printer 
  4. Select the printer from the list (see screenshot) and down below choose the CUPS Driver. Roll Call does not support printing using the AIRPRINT driver.
  5. Test a label from Roll Call's Print Test Label under Check-in/out setup

3. Configure the Mobile User and Print Queue User in Roll Call

After your Brother label printer is on your network and installed to your computer please  visit this FAQ to see how to set up your Print Queue user to utilize this fantastic new hardware.