In order to set up the Brother QL-710w to work within Roll Call you will first need to install the printer definition in your operating system on a computer that will be running either Roll Call Client or Roll Call StandaloneClick here for instructions on how to accomplish this task.

If you have already done this and you can see the Brother QL-710w in your list of printers, then you're ready to proceed with the Roll Call portion of the setup and proceed with the instructions below.

In order to print labels from your mobile device, you will need to set up two main things inside User Security.

  1. A print queue for the wireless printer
  2. A mobile user with the newly created print queue chosen as the designated print queue.

Let's get started.

Step 1. Create a Print Queue

1. Click the "new user" button (the "+" in the bottom left) of the User Security window.

2. Define the name of your Print Queue (Our Example.. "PrintQ" ) and choose "Print Queue" from the available User Types ... Then click ok.

3. Now select (click) the newly created Print Queue User. In our screenshot we call it "PrintQ." This will show the options available within the Print Queue User to the right half of the screen.

To use the printer on your wifi network, you will need to select Use "remote" printer and select your specific Brother QL-710w from the list (Click Screenshot to enlarge). Note: This list should contain the QL-710 printer if it is installed to the computer you are currently using. 

Step 2. Assign the Newly Created Print Queue to your Mobile User.

1. Now you will need to click on an existing Mobile User that you will want to print to this new Brother QL-710w or you can create a new Mobile User. In our example we will choose the "Mobile1" user. Note: This action of clicking another user will save your settings for your Print Queue user so you shouldn't need to Save & Close at this point.

2. In the permissions on the right, select the newly created Print Queue from the drop down list for "Default Printer".
We choose "PrintQ" for our example. Click SAVE & CLOSE.

That's It!

When you are finished with these steps, you can log in to Mobile CheckIn with this user and print labels to your Brother QL-710w.