To get to the check-in screen, you need to sign into the system as a check-in user. In order to activate the User Security in Roll Call and see the login screen, you first will need to visit the User Security area from the Administration Menu at the top of your screen (or under administrator section in the Navigator window).

User Security Screen

 To create the check-in users use the following steps:

  1. Activate the security system. This is done by giving the Director user a password.
  • Select the Director from the list and click Change Password.
  • Now create a check-in user. Expand the Administration menu. Select User Security. Click the plus sign in the lower left
  • Give the user a name, password, and mark as a Check-In user type
  • Mark the options that apply for this check in user.
  • Mark touch screen if you'd like a virtual keyboard.
  • Mark "self check in" if this will be an unmanned stations.
  • Mark rapid check-in if you'd like to bypass the confirmation screen.
    • Note: Rapid Check-in will only function if there is only one group to offer the person being checked in.
  • Mark "check out" if this user will be checking people out via the software

  • Now that you have your users set up...

    Expand the Check In/Out Navigator menu item (main list on the left). 

    Select Launch (or use the Switch User from the Administration Menu at the top of your screen). 

    Sign in as the "check-in user" you just created. You are now at the check in screen.