There are a couple of reasons why you may not be able to create an account with Roll Call Connect.

Things to check:

  • Make sure your Connect Preferences (in Roll Call Preferences - desktop/server software) is not set to "Staff Only" and/or if it is, that your user you are trying to create an account for is a staff member.
  • Make sure that your user has an email address that is unique to that individual. The email address is the Username and cannot be shared by two Roll Call profiles. (Even spouses need to have a unique email). Think of your other online profiles with other web accounts; usernames are required to be unique. 

    You can filter on the email from the main search profiles list ( "find by" filter up top ) and search for the email address in question. If it returns more than one record, then you need to resolve this problem by making the primary email field unique for each individual. 

If this doesn't solve your problem please call the tech support number and speak to a representative.