Changes have been made in v13

The Mobile CheckIn component of version 13 is accessed via its own login page, separate from Roll Call Connect. 
What this means is that it is no longer accessible by just visiting your "" IP address (or localhost) by itself. 

You will now be required to add a "/ci" to the IP address that you are connecting to. This may look like or something similar.

A Few things to consider

  • If you have a custom port specified (i.e. 8080 or similar) then you will have your "IP:PORT/ci/login." (Where IP and PORT are your numbers).
  • If you have a homescreen web app saved from safari on iPad (or chrome on Android) then you will be required to recreate these shortcuts with the new addresses and paths)
  • If you do not have Roll Call Connect enabled, the root IP address will redirect to /ci/login anyway.
  • "/checkin" will redirect you to "/ci/login" ... if not logged in and this is normal

This should bring you to your login screen like shown below...