Yes you can!

See the attached file for detailed instructions on how to set up your own cloud hosting.

Roll Call Server can be set up to run on a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine. The steps below will outline how this can be set up. 

  1. Create an Azure login 
  2. Select to create a Virtual Machine. You can specify the Quick Create.
    • DNS Name: Specify a DNS name of your choice 
    • Image: If you are running Roll Call Server v12 or v13 choose Windows Server 2008. 
    • Size: A2 (2 cores, 3.5 GB memory). If running more than 9 concurrent users you probably want to choose A3. 
    • User Name: Select a login User Name 
    • Region: Select your region 
  3. Use Remote Desktop to connect to the VM. Use the DNS name you chose above. 
  4. Using Internet Explorer, go to our website and download Roll Call Server and install. 
  5. Start Roll Call Server. Click on File Register Current Database as Service to run Roll Call Server as a service. Shutdown Roll Call Server 
  6. Go into Services and set 4D Server: ROLLCALL Service to start automatically. Save and start the service 
  7. Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced settings and create an inbound rule for Roll Call Server. It should be a Port based rule covering ports 19812 – 19814. If running Roll Call’s web server you should create a separate port for 80 (default web port) 
  8. Go to your Azure Dashboard and create 3 New Endpoints. The Names can be RC1 – RC3. The ports are 19812 – 19814. Create a 4th Endpoint for port 80 if you are using Roll Call’s web server 
  9. Launch Roll Call client on your local machine and click on the custom tab. For the database name enter RC. For the network address enter the DNS Name you specified above.