In order to print labels from Mobile CheckIn wirelessly, you will need to have a Brother QL-810w installed and configured with Roll Call.

Important: This printer (Brother QL-810w) needs to be installed as an available printer on a computer with Roll Call Client or Standalone Running during your check-in process. It can still be positioned anywhere on your network.


  • If you change the printer name from the default it must still start with the word Brother.
  • The printer must be loaded with DK-1202 Labels for Mobile Checkin to print labels properly. The labels included in the printer box will cause label mismatch error when printing from Roll Call.

1. Install your Brother QL-810w on your network (Windows and Mac)

The Brother label printer will need to be set up and installed on both your wireless network and the computer in which you will have running Roll Call at the time of check-in. This install process can be done differently depending on your router. Due to the different nature of each user's computer/network setup, we recommend that you simply follow the instructions available by Brother.

Wireless Direct Mode Install - Static instructions for Mac or Windows

Mac Version - Wireless Setup
Windows Version - Wireless Setup

2. Configure the Mobile User and Print Queue User in Roll Call

After your Brother label printer is on your network and installed to your computer please visit this FAQ to see how to set up your Print Queue user to utilize this fantastic new hardware.